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Over the last 3 years since I founded Email Composed, I’ve seen so many brands make the same mistake:

They all thought: to make money with email marketing, we just need “better emails”…

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Daniel Peleg
Founder, Email Composed

They didn’t realize how critical their inboxing is, and this resulted in MILLIONS of dollars lost to deliverability and spam issues… without even realizing it.

They only saw the poor end results:

  • Low sales conversion from email campaigns & flows
  • Low open rates
  • Low Customer Lifetime Value
  • Low click rates
  • High Unsubscribe rates
  • Not to mention rising CAC, because their email system is bleeding their ad budget…

At Email Composed, we decided to end all that, once and for all.

That’s where our IIS (Instant Inboxing System) was born.

We were tired of email marketers repeating their usual mantra of ‘get 30% revenue addition from email and retain you customers’

…While not addressing the REAL cause of not getting it.

Whenever we onboarded a new client, and they have already been let down by other agencies, it was always the same story: neglected & poor Inboxing.


No matter how high-converting, beautiful & branded your emails are…

If they don’t reach people’s inboxes, they won’t ever see them,

So they won’t open, engage or buy from you.


And as you know, if you can double your open rates, you’d also double your email revenue.

With our IIS system, we make sure your emails are delivered to people’s inboxes, not Spam or Promotions – and here’s what our clients say about us:

Bryce Conley, Color Up

Brad Solomon, Prana Pets

Sarah Haran Accessories

Stephanie Hogue, Latitudes

Kelly McLaughlin, FlowerChild CBD

Heather Vanek, Hot Mess Kushmetics

Aaron Argueta, Bailey's

Brian Baum, Cannovia

Florian Braitsch, Hempions

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