As a DTC brand, you can’t afford to lose out to the smart early birds who have ALREADY STARTED preparing…

DOUBLE Your Black Friday & Holiday Season Sales With This Recession-Proof Email & SMS Blueprint

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A fully actionable workshop, with a step-by-step breakdown of everything you need to do…

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Within 1 hour you will learn:

During the past 13 years I’ve been obsessed with email marketing, and especially in the last years running Email Composed…

I’ve seen too many brands making the same mistake:

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Daniel Peleg
Founder, Email Composed

They all thought they “had a lot of time” to prepare for the holiday season…

That kind of thinking resulted in these brands losing MILLIONS of dollars in revenue to some smart early birds…

But here’s the good news: you might be one of the smart early birds this time.

  • Holiday promotions are starting earlier and earlier these days… 
  • Not to mention Amazon leading with deals a whole month BEFORE Black Friday
  • With all the fulfillment and supply chain issues, you can’t afford to plan last-minute strategies…
  • And this year there’s another gray cloud looming over all our heads: a worldwide recession

In short: it’s CRUCIAL that you have an actionable game-plan ready…

So even a recession won’t rob you from your most profitable quarter.

That’s why I put together a fully-actionable workshop that teaches you everything you need to do, starting TODAY.

Oh, and in case you don’t know me or Email Composed yet, I’ll let some awesome DTC brands tell you more…

Bryce Conley, Color Up

Brad Solomon, Prana Pets

Sarah Haran Accessories

Stephanie Hogue, Latitudes

Kelly McLaughlin, FlowerChild CBD

Heather Vanek, Hot Mess Kushmetics

Aaron Argueta, Bailey's

Brian Baum, Cannovia

Florian Braitsch, Hempions

So if you want to maximize your revenue for Black Friday 2022, DOUBLE your Xmas and NYE sales…

AND capitalize on other holiday opportunities you might not have even thought about yet…

(And I’ll share a few untapped holiday promotion ideas with you in the workshop…)

You need to start putting together a recession-proof email & sms marketing strategy RIGHT NOW.

Ready to DOUBLE Your Black Friday, Xmas & New Years Sales With This Recession-Proof Email & SMS Marketing Strategy?

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