Email Composed Debuts on Clutch and Receives Warm Praises from Clients

When we talk with founders and marketing managers of eCommerce brands, we often hear things along the lines of:

“We’ve already been burnt by freelancers or marketing agencies – how do we know you guys are the real deal?” 

“What does working with you look like? Will you be integrated as part of my team, or is it going to be like those freelancers I need to constantly chase?”

“Will you be able to really get my brand voice and create emails that have the exact look & feel of my brand?”

We totally get these concerns – in the past, we’ve been there too!

That’s why we wanted to find a way to show what it’s really like to work with Email Composed, the ultra-high-quality that we stand for and how our white glove service is so different from all those “agencies” and freelancers out there. 

So we’ve decided to launch a profile on Clutch, the review platform. 

To give you some context, Clutch is an independent B2B review and market research platform that sees millions of users from all over the world.

The site has an impressive collection of client reviews, and getting started on Clutch helps any service provider showcase their capabilities.


Rest Easy in Capable Hands

In the inaugural review, our client said that our team’s services were refreshing as we delivered promises that are often left unmet in the advertising world. 

The review was provided by Laurren Schmoyer, owner of Aquatic Experts, an online retailer that sells top-quality fish tanks and aquarium needs. 

An analyst from Clutch interviewed Laurren, who gave our company five stars on all five major criteria — overall rating, quality, cost, scheduling, and willingness to refer.

The Email Composed team created specialized email marketing strategies and campaigns aiming to increase their sales conversion.

Prior to his onboarding with us, Aquatic Experts had allocated considerable ad spend on social media ads with less than optimal results.

Since working with them, we have doubled their click-through rate from 1.5% to 3.3% which translates into higher ROI on ad spend. With our email strategies, we have been able to increase their Customer Lifetime Value which in turn has lowered the risk of ads and increased their profitability. 

Since working with them, we have hit a 28% open rate in their emails compared to a 9-15% before our collaboration. We also doubled their click-through rate from 1.5% to 3.3%. 

When asked about what aspect of our team and project stood out to them, the Aquatic Experts team replied:

“There are a lot of promises made in the advertising world, and sometimes these promises aren’t actually delivered.

With Email Composed, we could actually see the conversion rates, and the results are right there — they truly did what they said they were going to do. Overall, my conversion went up, their campaigns worked well.— Owner, Aquatic Experts

Laurren also noted one of the things we are really proud of – our white glove service and communication: 

I loved their communication skills. They really are a well-rounded company — I liked the fact that they really listened to us and every change we made was perfect.” — Owner, Aquatic Experts

We are genuinely touched by our clients’ appreciation. Our team at Email Composed is beyond thankful to Aquatic Experts for their trust. This wonderful partnership would not be possible without their constant support and collaboration.

To catch their full review, make sure to visit our profile on Clutch

Digital Marketers of The Year

Aside from our client’s amazing review, we were also praised by Top Design Firms for our services.  

For those who are not aware, Top Design Firms is a B2B platform that compiles and curates helpful industry data. The site showcases the best service providers from the design, development, and marketing industries and highlights our expertise.

According to their findings, Email Composed is among the top 100 digital marketing companies for 2021!

This is phenomenal news to us. We are absolutely thankful for everyone who helped us get to where we are now.

Our success would not be possible without every one of our teammates, stakeholders, and beloved clients. Cheers to more milestones in the future.

We’d love to see how we can help your brand unlock higher Customer Lifetime Value, higher revenue and audience loyalty.

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