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Oh, and in case you don’t know me or Email Composed yet, I’ll let some awesome DTC brands tell you more…

Bryce Conley, Color Up

Brad Solomon, Prana Pets

Sarah Haran Accessories

Stephanie Hogue, Latitudes

Kelly McLaughlin, FlowerChild CBD

Heather Vanek, Hot Mess Kushmetics

Aaron Argueta, Bailey's

Brian Baum, Cannovia

Florian Braitsch, Hempions

During the past 13 years I’ve been obsessed with email marketing, and especially in the last years running Email Composed…

I’ve seen too many brands struggling with low open rates, low click rates and as a result – disappointing sales from their email marketing efforts. 

Daniel Peleg
Founder, Email Composed

They all had the same issue in common…

Email marketers don’t often talk about this issue, because it’s challenging to solve. It takes time, effort and a very intimate knowledge of all sorts of email technicalities.

But here’s the good news: we’ve solved deliverability – we’ve developed a process that takes a poorly delivered brand domain and turns it into a healthy money maker

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