Here’s How We Helped 7-8 Figure DTC Brands Increase Revenue By Over 35%

(While saving their teams over 148 hours/month and 2x their repeat purchases)

Here's what we'll cover in this valuable session:

Results & Reviews 👇

Anyone can give you promises, we give you proof.

Aaron Argueta, Bailey's

“Wow! 40% of our revenue is coming from our work with Email Composed.
And I don’t think we’ve ever worked with anyone who’s delivered that level of copywriting quality!

Kelly McLaughlin, FlowerChild CBD

57% of our business revenue is now coming from emails thanks to Email Composed. This gets me really excited!”
3x Email revenue, 2x Open Rates, +68% Engagement.

Bryce Conley, Color Up

“More than thrilled to see a 32% increase from email marketing and costs covered within the first week! The emails fit very well with our brand voice, and highly targeted”.

Karen Newell, Sacred Acoustics

“Finally finding a partner in Email Composed that I could trust, after 13 years on the business. And our revenue increased by 64%!”.

Brian Baum, Cannovia

34% of our revenue is attributed to EmailComposed.
You guys know email marketing, inside and out!
It’s incredibly powerful.”

Stephanie Hogue, Latitudes Gallery

LatitudesGallery Logo

I’m excited to see $48,465 in added email revenue, even on our slowest month!

Amazed at the level of professional service. It feels like it’s all being done in-house.

Brad Solomon,

“We have incredible results with our email marketing. Communication on Slack is great. I’m grateful for this team.
(DTC Brands) – I know you’re gonna see a positive ROI on this”.

Heather Vanek, Hot Mess Kushmetics

“I was blown away at every single step of the process. The email flows that you guys created were just spot on. I could not have been happier.”

We've helped create *additional* 7-figure yearly revenue

We’re helping this store generate an extra $100k each and every month from emails, 7-figure extra revenue per year.

Sarah Haran Accessories

Our revenue increased by 75%. Their emails hit the nail on its head with our brand voice – we had customers tell us: “what a great email!”

Florian Braitsch, Hempions

29% Revenue from flows! We’ve never had so many huge fans of our brand. Conversion rate and returning customer rate improved fast”.

Lead gen popup: $43,600 with 70% Open Rate!

We created a popup for this eComm brand to collect new leads, and a welcome email sequence. Within 1 month, this generated an extra $43,000 revenue!

Jack Cooney, SkyLit Commerce

“We felt excited – we got our investment back in the first week. Because these are evergreen flows, anything from now is pretty much pure profit.”

Extra $30k/month from EmailComposed

This eComm brand gets between 35% – 45% revenue boost each and every month, which translate into nearly $500,000 per year.

We brought 64% of the revenue!

This DTC brand has an exceptionally well-maintained email list. Emails bring in 64% of the total revenue, consistently every month.

Jerry - From $0 to $74,957 in 2 months

First month of working with EmailComposed and migrating to Klaviyo: $30,451 revenue from emails. Second month revenue from emails boosted to $74,957

Amanda Cook,

“Because I wasn’t emailing my list consistently, I was losing money and not keeping in touch with my audience.
EmailComposed managed the whole project, totally got my voice… I’m really happy with the results!

David - Before...

Realized he’s leaving so much money on the table by not engaging with his audience through emails. Made 5% with a few DIY flows in Klaviyo.

David - After

After the first month of EmailComposed, revenue from emails is up to 26%, which translated into an additional $10,496!

Trusted by awesome eCommerce brands...

Do you want us to build & deliver a high-converting email marketing machine for your DTC brand, in less than 30 business days?

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